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Our History

Soltribe Cuisine is a collective of inspired individuals formed to help facilitate healthy and conscious consumption. We provide the highest quality Vegan, Vegetarian & Gluten-Free food as well as a variety of original and inspired drinks and desserts for any occasion.

Beginning in 2013 with the simple intention of serving delicious, clean food, Soltribe quickly evolved into something much bigger. We have offered everything from specialty catering, to running commissary kitchens for large events, to curating fully vegan weddings, to pop-up dinners supporting local causes. Through this evolution, with the support of many like-minded people, our vision has expanded into a desire to change the standard narrative of food. To break with the idea that food that is nutritious and healthy can’t also be delicious and satisfying.

It seeks to make a difference in the current social and environmental landscape by informing the public that a choice in what you eat is the largest step you can take towards changing yourself and the world you live in. 2020 brought what was to be, by far, our most busy year to date. As for many, the pandemic completely took away our ability to operate, but it hit us particularly hard as we operated almost exclusively at large-scale gatherings.

Once again being pushed to evolve, Soltribe creator and chef, Keshava Rossi and his partner Lena Larson decided to take the opportunity to expand their vegan concepts abroad and officially established the first ever Soltribe Cuisine restaurant in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Now with their two children, they are hoping to make an impact in the vegan culture in Mexico the way they continue to do so at events across the United States.

Busca marcar la diferencia en el panorama social y ambiental actual, informando al público que elegir lo que come, es el paso más grande que puede dar para cambiarse a sí mismo y al mundo en el que vive. 2020 iba a ser, por mucho, nuestro año más ocupado en nuestra trayectoria.

Como a muchos, la pandemia nos quitó por completo la capacidad de operar, pero nos afectó particularmente, ya que operamos casi exclusivamente en eventos a gran escala. Una vez más, empujados a evolucionar, el creador y chef de Soltribe, Keshava Rossi y su esposa Lena Larson decidieron aprovechar la oportunidad para expandir sus conceptos veganos a latino américa y establecieron oficialmente el primer restaurante Soltribe Cuisine en San Miguel de Allende, México. Ahora, con sus dos hijos, esperan tener un impacto en la cultura vegana en México al igual que en Estados Unidos.