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Serving Conscious Vegan Comfort Food, Made From Scrartch And Always Delicious.


Creating awareness about conscious consumption

In the plant based food revolution, Soltribe is setting the standard for originality and flavor! Always 100% plant based and Non-GMO. We believe strongly in the difference we can make in ourselves and the planet by eating more sustainably, and in order to do that, it's imperative we expand our awareness about the things we put into our body and MOST important, that we ENJOY IT!!

Origen of Ingredients

We now bring you the next evolution of an original and daring proposal on the possibilities of a PLANT-BASED DIET.

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Sourcing all of our ingredients from Mexico wherever possible and much of it comes from San Miguel or the Guanajuato region

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All of our corn is sourced from Via Organica, a nearby farm, 100% organic and free of GMOs

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We sponsored a large scale composting system at a local Waldorf school in order to reuse all of our food scraps in their biodynamic garden


We offer catering to any event!

If you want to add healthy and delicious nourishment to your party or business outing we can accommodate with our customizable catering options. We will bring creativity and originality to make any event unforgettable. Be sure to ask us about our broader catering menu!


Try our unbelievably vegan QUESO and RANCH sauces!

Made from clean and simple plant ingredients and bursting with flavor, these dips redefine comfort food. SNACKING HAS NEVER BEEN SO GOOD FOR YOU! Great as a dip, sauce, spread or dressing, the possibilities are endless.

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Our location


Enero 18 a Enero 30


Deliciosa coliflor rostizada, bañada en salsa demi glace con polvo de almendras horneadas 


Cómo base, puré de chícharos y shallot confitado 


Acompañado de shitakes sellados, tomate Campari, queso feta y brotes de temporada.